Lami Corporation

List Of Products

ATLAS14T- Roll Film 100mic (305mm x 100m) - Gloss
ATLAS14T- Roll Film 100mic (305mm x 100m) - Matte
ATLAS14T- Roll Film 50mic (305mm x 150m) - Gloss
Auto ATLAS-14
Fully Automatic Laminator  “LAMI Revo Series” can laminate and cut all automatically by one-touch. With the compact size and simple operation, it is perfect to place at an office. While laminating automatically, you can do other work and it improves your work efficiency drastically. Atlas-14T is a fully automatic laminator, which is suitable for a professional use, and laminates 440 A4-size documents per hour.
LEON-13DX - Pouch Laminator
Pouch type laminator “Leon Series” is compact-designed, but has the wide paper inserting part which is up to 480 mm and it reduces your work time. Control speed and temperature easily by digital control panel. Transparent top cover to check inside while laminating.